Bases, terms and conditions

Edition 2019


The call for BccN 2019 is open to all kinds of audiovisual work (with no restriction of lenght, format or genre) completed between 2018 and 2019 and licensed with Creative Commons or similar (no copyright).

Registration is free and is done through a form on the festival website, with deadline April 30th. In there, technical details and a viewing hyperlink (either public or private) of the work will be required. We guarantee this link will only be used for selection purposes (not for screenings).


The programming comittee will assess both the production process and the result and will its selection on the festival website. Likewise, it will require additional information for promotional purposes through email, which the authors agree to provide.

The selected works will take part in BccN 2019, held in various spaces of Barcelona between June 25th and 29th. The organization may require the presence of the film team at the events, which will be facilitated as much as possible.

Made in Bcn

The organization reserves the right to integrate films in the section it deems appropriate, including Made in Barcelona, reserved for short films of new Catalan authorship. Only the works of this section are submitted to a vote of the public, whose prize is the incorporation of the winning work to CCWorld Media Commons Network.


The works selected in BccN 2019, as well as the winner of Made in Bcn, will automatically be included in CCWorld Media Commons Network, so acceptance of these rules implies participation in the network. CCWorld is a worldwide network of more than 30 Creative Commons FilmFestivals. The members commit to respect the licenses of the works and to involve their authors in the screenings.




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