Media Commons Network

What is CCWorld

CCWorld is a net of festivals around the world whose aim is to share, extend and promote audiovisual works that follow openness and free culture criteria. A network of free adhesion and peer collaboration on a global scale for local action and transformation.

WHO take part in CCWorld

The Media Commons Network was conceived in 2012 by BccN Barcelona CC Film Festival (organized by Panorama 180) the first worldwide festival for films licensed with Creative Commons. From then on, it has grown up to more than 25 self-managed festivals.


CCWorld is coordinated from Barcelona while each territory has full autonomy. Its purpose is to achieve a descentralized network in any aspect.


BccN puts at disposal of any interested collective or person all the materials generated in the realization of its own festival. From links to editable graphic or press materials. These resources should be preserved by the community.

HOW to join us

Access to the Network is totally free and volunteer, as long as rules are accepted. These are:

  • Respecting film and other content licenses.
  • Non lucrative management of the festivals (in case you earn some money you must remunerate authors)
  • Sharing with the community new materials or knowledge acquired during the festival in order to promote renewal and awareness of a common resource.


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