Carlito seva para siempre

25 June - 21:30h ZumZeig Cinecooperativa Free-acces with previous reservation

In the heart of the Amazon rain forest, the village of Palma Real on the banks of the “Madre De Dios” River is still resisting the modern world. Nomads by nature, evangelized by force, their pagan customs endure against all odds. Villagers still have the physique of the native tribes. Carlito, a quiet youth, decides to leave this village, his birthplace, in a strange, covert and unplanned escape.

Without saying good-bye to anyone in his family except his grandmother, who is quiet like him, he gets in a canoe to escape down the river. Further on, in the muddy bed of the colossal river, a discovery reveals the secret Carlito kept from his community. Its imagery elevates this short to poetry. “Carlito Se Va Para Siempre” was filmed in the native language spoken by the people of Palma Real.

Direction: Quentin Lazzaroto
Production: Nébuleuse Prod / Black Factory Cinema
Language: Original Version, Subtitles in Spanish
Lenght: 8 min
Year: 2018
License: By-Nc-Nd

Continuous screening with Projecció continuada AKHA a la frontera