Debate #NoCallarem

5 June - 20:30h Hall CCCB Free access until full capacity is reached

The ninth edition of the BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival reopens its programming in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Culture and the collective No Callarem to fill the Hall of CCCB with activities against the fierce repression of basic rights such as freedom of speech. This sessions is related to the installation “Political Prisoners in Contemporary Spain” and the celebration of the Orwell Day. The presentation of Artists at Risk will be followed by the screening of “Tijera contra papel” and the debate with some defendants and activists.

We live a very dark time for freedoms in our society. Threats to freedom of expression, to political and social rights or the exorbitant use of the deprivation of physical liberty of people on the part of Government, draw a really worrisome scenario. Worrisome about the seriousness of the repressive actions and worrisome because with its arrival in whirlwind the risk of normalize or rank them in more or less serious is run. All repression, however small could be, is reportable and reprehensible, and even more if it is exercised by the established power. With this colloquium we want to cross opinions of people who live in the first person that repression and struggles, along with many others of the activist, judicial or media front to ask us. How far can repression go?


Gerard Escuer, director of the documentary “Tijera contra papel”
Pablo Hassel, rapper and poet sentenced to 5 years
Elgio, rapper from “La Insurgencia” sentenced to 2 years and 1 day
Anaïs Franquesa, director of litigation of IRIDIA Centre per la Defensa dels Drets Humans
Kaissa Ould Braham, journalist and activist
With the forced absence of Valtonyc
Moderator: Fernando Paniagua, BccN2018 and NoCallarem