Debate “On common ground”

26 June - 21:15h Capella de la Misericòrdia Free-access activity until capacity is full

The “Capella de la Misericòrdia”, the venue for this debate, has been claimed by the neighbors’ movement as the site for the future CAP (primary care clinic) Raval Nord. Months ago, as a consequence of the struggle, the platform decided to “squat” in the chapel to raise the conflict’s profile. Many places now defined as “urban commons” were claimed and fought for in their day by neighbors’ movements. We invite you to take part in the thought process around this concept. Inspired in ancestral commons, now in the midst of the 21st century, the idea attempts to advance in the vision that the world is already common, and that it is necessary and urgent to organize collective management differently.

Kevin Hansen, director of The Commons film
Marina Garcés, philosopher and essayist
Iñaki Garcia, member of the CAP Raval Nord Platform
Gustavo Duch, “Sobiranía Alimentaria” magazine
moderator Fernando Paniagua

Discussion preceded by the screening of The Commons