Discussion “Political cinema of the 21st century”

28 June - 20:45h MACBA Auditorium Free-access activity until capacity is full

The 20th century left a legacy of great films that had major impacts on the social reality of their time. Stories that, as depictions or denunciations of situations, shaped the history that we have lived through. Now in a different century, and on the verge of entering the 2020’s, we want to look into the cinematographic or audiovisual activism that moves our time. Can the audiovisual crack open the walls of a Western system clearly caught in a reactionary, totalitarian and neo-liberal drift? How can social impact be channeled in times of information over-saturation, and the volatility of facts? What’s political about making movies in the 21st century?


Xavier Artigas, co-director of Idrissa: Chronicle of an ordinary death
Georgina Cisquella, director of Hotel Explotation: the Kellys
Andrea Soto, filosopher
Xavier Garcia, distributor and director of the Festival REC
moderator Andreu Meixide

Discussion preceded by screening of  Idrissa: Chronicle of an ordinary death