Ficción Immobiliaria: live

27 June - 22:00h MACBA Auditorium Free-access activity until capacity is full

Ficción Immobilaria: live is a narrated screening produced by the group Left Hand Rotation. For the first time in Barcelona, they will take viewers on a trip through scenes from fiction films in which problems associated with housing form part of the main storyline, or are intertwined with it. This is something of a rarity, as fiction is more concerned with story than place. On this journey through all kinds of fictions and places, more attention is focused on location, though the plot is not ignored, to access a part of cinematographic knowledge that resides in audiovisual imagery. It’s a way to remix and reinterpret commercial—and at least nominally, not activist—cinema to draw conclusions that may have been overlooked about the conflict around the right to cities and specifically, housing.

Left Hand Rotation is an artistic group active since 2005 that has been developing projects that articulate intervention, appropriationism, register and handling of video. The group is structured as an impersonal organization not associated with individuals/authors, and approaches each project with the consideration that the community receiving the work are not spectators, but active and essential parts in the transformation of social reality. Communities’ will to bear witness to their situation enables them to design and take action.

This sessions is thematically related to Turistització / Decreixement Turístic