Hotel Explotación: las Kellys

27 June - 18:30h MACBA Auditorium Free-access activity until capacity is full

Over 200,000 women work as chambermaids in Spain, and their task is as essential to the hotel industry as it is invisible. Our documentary reviews the lives, problems and struggles of the “Kellys” (the women who clean hotel rooms). While the government boasts of our country’s robust tourism industry, the flagship of Spain’s GDP, its working conditions have steadily worsened, with chambermaids earning as little as a euro and a half per room cleaned.

Due to the stress of cleaning over 20 rooms in a single shift, 71% of chambermaids take medication every day just to face their work. Outsourcing their work has meant the exclusion of many of them from hotel staffs, without rights and exposed to dismissal if they ever take leave. “Hotel Explotació: Las Kellys” is the story of a fight for empowerment, organization and the recovery of dignity.

Direction: Georgina Cisquella
Production: Centuria Films / Miss Wasabi
Language: Original Version (Spanish)
Length: 55 min
Year: 2018
License: By-Nc-Nd* (*after commercial explotation is finished)

Screening followed by talk with Georgina Cisquella, film’s director