Lesbofòbia. Un documental y deu respostes

29 June - 19:00h MACBA Auditorium Free-access activity until capacity is full

What situations of violence do lesbians experience today? How do they face them? What are the underlying problems? What reality permits them to keep happening? What answers and strategies can we produce and put into practice as a society to do away with this and other forms of discrimination?

Ten individuals explain their experiences and points of view, building a choral testimonial to bring male sexist violence against lesbians into the light, analyze the underlying problems, and seek responses and strategies to put an end to lesbophobia in conjunction with other types of violence.

Direction: Inés Tarradellas
Production: Creación Positiva
Language: Orgininal Version, Subtitles in Spanish
Length: 30 min
Year: 2019
License: By-Nc-Sa

Double screening with 4 Cuerpos followed by a talk with both films’ directors,  Inés Tarradellas i Irene Navacués.