10 June - 17:30h MACBA Auditorium Free acces until full capacity is reached

A man condemned to death receives the proposal to save his life if he renounces his ideas and joins the enemy. He rejects it and is killed. What justifies the sacrifice? Can you understand the death of a man or a woman? Peiró42 is a documentary where from fiction scenes, interviews, archive images and the recovery of original documentary sources are exposed in first person the values ​​of anarcho-syndicalism, cooperativism and the Republic.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the execution of the anarcho-syndicalist and cooperativist Joan Peiró (Barcelona, 1887 – Paterna, 1942) this audiovisual proposal about the historical memory and the values ​​of one of the most outstanding of the 20th century.

Screening followed by a talk with Eloi Aymerich, director of the film


Direction: Eloi Aymerich
Production: Clack Audiovisual
Country: Spain
Language: VO
Duration: 30 minutes
Year: 2017
License: CC by-Nc-Nd