Rethinking the future free audiovisual culture

28 June - 10:00h Aula 0 Macba Reservations through the festival website *

Social contexts, especially digital ones, have changed radically over the past decade. The BccN Festival came to life against the background of the so-called Sinde Law, which criminalized downloading. Over the past ten years, much has changed, and not all of it for the better (the Gag Law, for example). Considering what we know today, this workshop will be an opportunity to rethink the meaning of the free audiovisual culture of tomorrow, with some of the leading figures who, in one way or another, have guided or influenced this festival’s evolution. An opportunity to hybridize and transfer knowledge, beginning a collective redefinition process in which to project the audiovisual and free culture of the coming decade.

The workshop will be held over two morning sessions, featuring facilitation by Bitlab and guests such as Felipe G. Gil of Zemos98, Maria Yáñez of VINTE, Ingrid Guardiola from Soy Cámara, illustrator Javier Jaén, activist Virgínia Diez, director Xavi Artigas of Metromuster, Maddish of Xnet, Efrain Foglia of Mobilitylab/, Víctor Berlín of, Pieter de Vos from Dockwerkers and Xavier Garcia Puerto of the Festival REC, among others.

*The rest of the capacity will be limited, but available by request. Send an e-mail with a text describing your motivation to