The Commons

26 June - 19:30h Capella de la Misericòrdia Free-access activity until capacity is full

“Commons” is a documentary on communities that reaffirm sustainable futures through consensus, equality and shared resources: longstanding commons principles. Throughout the lengthy process shown in the film, the emergence of different civil society initiatives are discovered. Tired of waiting for governments to take action, many commons are already taking measures to stop the wave of privatization and destruction of shared resources.

New communities are forming, the concept of money is being rethought, new schools opening, innovative cooperatives are being launched. Many of these projects, in fact the majority, are conceived with the new “open source” approach deeply ingrained in their planning. People are claiming sustainability, not destruction, sharing instead of privatization and justice in the place of brutality.

Direction: Kevin Hansen
Production: Pierre Terre Productions / Survival Media Agency
Language: Original Version, Subtitles in Spanish
Lenght: 110 min
Year: 2019
License: By-Nc-Nd

Screening followed by the discussion On Common Ground with

Kevin Hansen, director of The Commons
Marina Garcés, filosopher and essayist
Iñaki Garcia, member of the CAP Raval Nord Platform
Gustavo Duch, “Sobiranía Alimentaria” magazine
Moderator Fernando Paniagua