Turistització / Decreixement turístic

26 June - 18:30h Capella de la Misericòrdia Free-access activity until capacity is full

After decades of hearing the mantra that “tourism is good for everyone”, and in light of how social movements are questioning it, it is now undeniable that touristization has become a collective concern and a source of numerous conflicts.

L’Assemblea de Barris per un Turisme Sostenible, (Assembly of Neighborhoods for Sustainable Tourism or ABTS) has been analyzing the impacts of mass tourism on Barcelona and its neighborhoods. Based on this analysis, they are putting forth a tourism deceleration proposal for the city based on a departure from specialization and the diversification of its economy. In other words, the reduction in tourist flows, seeking out economic alternatives that could prevent a crisis that would largely be borne by lower social classes.

The ABTS will bring to the physical realm of the BccN the online exhibition created by La Virreina, Turistització / Decreixement Turístic through a critical outlook on audiovisual pieces of their own and others selected from the HAMACA video-art catalog.

A can’t-miss session for anyone who wants to start taking this city’s future seriously.

This session is thematically related with Ficción Immboliaria: live by Left Hand Rotation