Recetas Químicas para Víctimas Civiles

29 June - 22:15h MACBA Auditorium Free-access activity until capacity is full

Víctimas Civiles look you in the eye and say: “We are your addictions, your uglier alter ego, the fall of Rome, the exquisite corpse of Hiroshima or Benidorm. The last of the romantics in this pornographic tragicomedy. The empty stench of the digital press in a swimsuit. Family disintegration is our smart ass brother-in-law and, even better: we are the first cousins of anxiety. The dirty war of corporations in the toilet of an afterhours club and in the cultural dumpster we dance to the rhythm of the saddest collector: the human warmth and the liquor of our poverty. Because on any stage of the world we are always victims and always civilians and we are singing and falling for you”.

On this occasion, Victimes Civiles will have the deluxe back-up of multimedia artist !ME’s “Recetas Químicas” experimental visual effects. !ME is a Cantabrian artist residing in Barcelona who works in movement between photography, video-art, and programming, while experimenting with algorithmic video and generative, reactive and interactive visual effects. He has been the resident VJ at the Apol·lo Canibal since 2015. !ME puts on his live visual displays, with different bands and a broad range of artists (experimental electronics, dance, interactive theater, etc.). This time he will use generative visual effects and reactive audio, giving a touch of technology to the liquid light visuals (visuals made using liquids, dyes and live chemical reactions).

A showcase of true experimentation and hybridizing of disciplines to put a close to the tenth running of this festival.