Edition 2019

Through the festival image he designed, Javier Jaen was telling us, “energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed”. It’s a fitting description of how we’ve felt over the 10th anniversary of the BccN, the Free Culture and Cinema Festival of Barcelona. Over five days, we’ve been abuzz with the transformative energy of Hotel Explotación: las Kellys, and their fight for dignity, that of the ABTS, or Assembly of Neighborhoods for Sustainable Tourism, and their message of Touristisation and tourism degrowth, and the group Left Hand Rotation, showing us the Ficción inmobiliaria that we’ve experienced thanks to the cinema. We felt the shattering energy of Idrissa: chronicle of an ordinary death  as an act of reparation, and the resistance against racism and totalitarianism represented in DIOM and Bocamandja. We’ve shared ideas on political cinema in the 21st century, with the power of Doctrina de las pelotas asesinas, Zero and El Rey, while also debating ideas on limits imposed on creation. These wounds can’t be measured and Mujer 1, mujer 2, mujer 3 showed us different gender oppressions inherent to the system in which we live, and 4 Cuerpos and Lesbofòbia: un documental i deu respostes have brought out a non-heteronormative diversity that also suffers oppression. We talked about the Culture of Community Health learning with Los cuidados that building a neighborhood also means building health. And with The Commons, we’ve sought out a Common Ground on which to understand commons property and how to protect it. We’ve explored the fragile balance between progress and thousand-year cultures in AKHA a la frontera or Carlito se va para siempre, and those closer to home with Fam de terra. Altogether, an intense, exciting tenth running of the festival that will inspire us to continue rethinking the future of free audiovisual culture, from the keen awareness and radical attitude put on display by Las víctimas civiles in their closing concert.

After ten years, we still don’t see the festival as an end in itself but a tool. We do not assess it in terms of numbers but of people, moments and experiences lived. We will not give in to the corporatization of culture. We don’t know what continuing to believe in free, audiovisual culture will bring in the future. But we do know what it has been good for up to now, which is no small thing. Thanks to one and all for making it happen.

Love, Cinema and Free Culture!
Panorama180 association

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