Edition 2019

Science says that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transformed. Perhaps a similar thing happens with culture: it passes from one person to another, it transforms, it moves us. Taking Newton’s pendulum as a metaphor, Javier Jaén has designed the poster for the tenth edition of the BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival.

We like to think of the festival as a large succession of small events, films, talks, concerts, which can add up and trigger personal and collective actions. Some of the conceptual themes of this year will be the struggle for the right to housing, the defense of community health, the protection of common goods, resistance to the touristification of cities and the struggle against racism and intolerance.

BccN 2019 will be packed with stories that touch, transform and mobilize us alongside more than twenty screenings, debates, workshops and shows. All this makes up a festival that will bring us closer to the limits of censorship and free creation, to the denunciation of the commodification of culture and to get to know initiatives that put people’s dignity before market interests. In this tenth edition, this festival will move again with the energy that arises from the intersection of cinema and free and transformative culture.

As every year, access to all the activities of the festival is free until full capacity is reached.